Life and Legacy

Have you ever contemplated writing a book or your memoires? Imagine your most cherished stories, family, friends and places, beautifully filmed and finished with you in the leading role. Your very own documentary, to share and enjoy with those you love, for years to come.

I’ve always had some type of camera in my hand photographing my family and friends, driving them all crazy over the years. So the idea of bringing my two passions together to create ‘Life and Legacy’ was a naturally organic process.” Life and Legacy films will deliver a time capsule of your life, and can be crafted in, but not limited to, any of the following: A day in the Life, A Family Legacy, A Special Occasion, Places and Spaces, Artists and Artisans.

Taking the form of a beautifully polished and edited documentary, Wildhorse Films have developed a unique and professional product. You get to choose the content, tone, style and music when you first meet with Philippa and
 the team, professionals who will totally put you at ease and who are happy to travel, 
whether you are, from the Isle of Wight to the Isle of Skye.

Handmade and crafted by me.



Films and Pricing


A Day in the Life

We spend a day with you, your family and friends. A day at the races, a day at the beach, a day in the country, the ideas are endless. Captured on film forever.

A Family Legacy

A beautifully crafted legacy film for you to keep forever and share with future generations. We spend a day with a grandparent/special family member, recounting stories, sharing memories, providing an insight into who your family are and where they’ve come from. We can add photos and you old archive films.

A Special Occassion

An 18th / 21st / 50th / 100th birthday, a celebration of the occasion and a portrait of the person, a film to remember the special occasion.

Artist and Artisans

Artists: We follow the journey of an artist, from the creation and inspiration of a project to the gallery opening night.
Artisan: We document the creation of a new product, how it’s made, the work and thought processes that go in to it. A special memory of a project how ever big or small.

Places and Spaces

Places & Spaces: A restaurant, home, workspace, village, somewhere that means a lot to you. We’ll make a film that you can cherish forever. Perfect for ex-pats to take home.
Our films start at £2,400 for a 4 minute film of your choice. For further in formation and our terms and conditions please contact us.

Our films are delivered online with password protection – you can share your films with your family and friends around the world. You can also download your film on to your own personal computer, device and phone enabling you to show it whenever and wherever you are.

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